Every corner of Georgia has its own tradition, some of them are very unusual. Every corner has different customs. For example, Kakhuri, Rachu, Svan, Imer, Mtiuli, etc. To this day, many traditions of hospitality, marriage, mourning, table, wine and other traditions have been preserved.Autumn is most traditionally held in Kakheti. 

Kakheti is famous for its vineyards and excellent wine, traditional dishes of Kakhuri cuisine are: barbecue, khashlama, chakafuli, chikhirtma and others. Kakhuri barbecue is grilled on vine reeds, which gives it a unique taste. Traditional sweets are made from grape juice-mash: Churchkhela and Tatara. Long-shaped shoti bread is baked in Kakheti.

A cellar is usually built next to a house or a vineyard, stone or brick is used as the building material. We also find capitally built cellars - built of processed stone and decorated with ornaments, which belong to the series of architectural monuments. The cellar is usually equipped with a press and a pitcher.

Kvevri is used for making and storing wine. It is made of clay, which undergoes special burning and processing. To maintain the temperature of the wine, the made pitcher was buried in the ground, the grape juice poured into it was hermetically sealed until the final wine was placed, it was opened only when stirring and for pressing the chacha. 

In autumn, the hotel's wine cellar will truly turn into one of the houses of Kakheti, where guests will have the opportunity to prepare Churchkhela, Tatara and other traditional dishes.

Registration for the master class is done in advance!