Tbilisi, Liana Asatiani street 9D

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Free WiFi
No Smoking


The synthesis of modern and old styles creates a unique coziness. This is what a suite with a beautiful terrace and unique views of the city looks like.
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Free WiFi
No Smoking

Large room with two single beds

A large room with two single beds and a cozy street view.
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Wine cellar

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to return or replace the products?

Any product that is not identical to the placed order or is defective, should be replaced. The defect must be determined at the moment of the delivery, otherwise claim will not be accepted

How are the payments made?

Payments are made in  non-cash settlements. VIA Bank transfer or CC payments

How long will it take to deliver an order?

If you place an order on our web-page until 2:00am, you will receive the order on the same business day, and orders placed after 2:00am will be delivered on the next business day.

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Bridge of peace
13 min
Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi
2 min
Metro Avlabari
3 min